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How does the evening with the Forum proceed?

Event Formalities and Speaker Introduction:
Prior to the speaker taking the stage a brief period is allotted for the current President of the Forum to welcome the audience, recognize volunteers on the Forum board and local dignitaries. Either the President or a local Celebrity will then introduce the Speaker.

Speaker Event:
At the beginning, the speaker will engage the audience from the podium, initially speaking for about 45 minutes. Each speaker has their own style, but all are known for engaging the audience and tweaking their delivery to the locale and current events. After the initial talk, there are about 30 minutes allotted for the speaker to take questions from the audience. Volunteers from the Va Beach Forum Board of Directors man microphones and get in as many questions as possible in the time allowed.

Post Speaking Event Wrap Up:
At the end of the Q & A session, the President of the Forum will thank the Audience for attending, advise about upcoming events, and recognize the Speaker.

Book Signing:
Most speakers have published at least one book on their life or area of expertise. After the speaking event has concluded, the speaker will appear at a designated table to personally autograph books that are presented for sale.

Private, Dessert Reception:
As a separate, paid attendance event, a reception with the speaker is held privately prior to the speaker taking the stage. The reception includes food and drink, sometimes a cash bar, and you have the ability to socialize, meet new friends and, of course, meet and speak with the speaker. Purchase of reception tickets is made through the website, and/or by being a Sponsor of the Forum.

Subscribing, what does this mean?
When you purchase season tickets to all the speaking events, it is called a subscription. The cost savings are great compared to the individual event, at door ticket prices. See our Ticket page for details.

Sponsoring, what does this mean?
If you want to sponsor the forum, your tax deductible contribution will provide you (depending of level of sponsorship) reception and event tickets and advertising in our playbill.
See our Ticket page for details.



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